Our Beginnings

Equity set out to be simply different. We became more efficient, more effective, and therefore more affordable, than any other Brokerage.

The desire to provide the real estate industry with more than a full-service solution fuels us. The combined experience and knowledge of those who have helped grow Equity has been one of our greatest strengths.

The Motivation

What was available wasn't working.

The Future of Real Estate

After losing over $20,000 year after year in "fees" to a Franchise Brokerage located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Equity's founder decided to look for another place to "hang" his license. He was very frustrated losing so much money for so few services. He was also unable to find a Brokerage that met his expectations. It became obvious that if he wanted a brokerage that "offered more – for less", He was going to have to create it!

It took almost a full year to create a simple and inexpensive system that provides the services Realtors need on a daily basis. By nature, he was an "organization freak" and a perfectionist. While these two personality traits didn't help the development timeline – they did help to form a very orderly and uncomplicated Brokerage. Combine this with the latest technology and you have an entirely new form of Real Estate Brokerage.

EQUITY REAL ESTATE is more EFFICIENT, more EFFECTIVE, and therefore more AFFORDABLE, than any other Brokerage. Our founder's and owners' hope after you review what Equity has to offer, is that you compare it to what your current Brokerage offers and then make a decision based on what is BEST for you, your family, and your business.

Thank you for visiting Equity Real Estate,

The Equity Real Estate Leadership Team

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